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Marketing Tips For Heat Transfers & Tshirt Printing Businesses

Insure Your Success

Transfers can be applied to many items of clothing, as well as items such as mouse pads, Tote Bags, license plates, etc. Our catalogs display all the various products that we offer.

Whether you have a retail T-shirt shop, sell at a flea market, T-shirt parties, fund raisers, local events, or on the internet, we’ll be pleased to pass on the knowledge that we’ve gathered from over 30 years in the industry.

Free Marketing Web Site!

Looking for a great sales tool to help sell t-shirts to your customers? You can now direct your customers to our new website. Your customers can browse all our thousands of transfer designs and pick out the ones they want you to print for them. Unlike the Pro World website, it does not include any pricing information or other sensitive information you don't want your customers to see. It protects you as a small business while giving you a big company presence. Just send your customers to this website to select which designs they wish to purchase. You can then order those transfers directly from us.

Send your customers to

A Few Key Points

  1. Offer a wide selection of designs. You can purchase very small quantities from us and reordering is simple and fast. You’ll greatly improve your chances of making a sale if the assortment of designs is varied. A minimum of 100 different designs is not an unusual amount to get started. Remember we offer thousands of designs... one of the keys to our success.
    Click here to view all of our stock transfers.
  2. An attractive display is very important. Show some shirts with the designs printed on them. Use one of our pellons to present the designs that you cannot show on the garments.
  3. Have your transfers sorted for easy accessibility. A good idea is to use x-ray envelopes. You know, the big brown folders that they put the pictures of your inner body into. A local medical supply house can probably furnish them to you.
  4. Make sure the numbers match. Make sure to number the transfer (printed on a pellon square) and place the corresponding number on the envelope. Also write the DOZArt stock number on the envelope. It makes reordering much easier.
  5. Keep an eye on our most popular transfers. Watch the top-selling transfer list on our website. This is updated regularly and shows the top selling designs, by the frequency of sales. It’s a great tool to make sure you’re carrying the best designs and categories.
    Click here to view our best-selling transfers.
  6. Look out for new designs. Keep a look out for our new designs, which are indicated with a “New!” during searches. These are products which were just added to our line.
    Click here to view all of our new transfers.
  7. Offer customizing using our wide selection of transfer papers. Whether you have an inkjet printer, a laser copier or printer, or a thermal printer, we have the paper to fit your needs.
    Click here to go to our transfer paper section.
  8. Offer non-garment items such as mousepads, coasters, puzzles. etc. They’re great profit builders.
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